May 13 at Saving Horses Inc.

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May 13, 2014

Wow, the heat!   It's too hot for riding, but not for work.  This morning I was blessed to spend time taking photos of some amazing and beautiful rescued horses at Saving Horses, Inc.  As part of my upcoming project on, I'm engaging with local rescues to create portraits of some of their horses for my first exhibit.  While the intent of the exhibit is to sell my work, and to gain referrals and new commissioned work, I felt it was a great way to also remind folks of the important work being undertaken by these groups.  Being smaller organizations, they are able to operate and save horses from slaughter based on the donations they receive from the public.  If money isn't coming in, they are limited in what they can do to save these beautiful creatures from a fate they do not deserve.  You can learn more about this rescue and their ongoing fundraising at

Despite the heat I had an amazing morning.  Audrey, who founded SHI seven years ago, introduced me to each of her seven permanent residents.  I got to hear the stories of:  El Nuki and Gracie; Pirate and Buddy; Beau, Lucky Girl and Aero.  I approach photographing new horses by taking some time with them, to let them get comfortable with me and my camera, before I sit in the dirt and start shooting.  With this crew, the introduction period was hardly necessary.  They were so loving and friendly and curious that at times my camera would not focus because they were TOO close.  Truly amazing when you consider how abused they were prior to finding a home at SHI.

As I edit these shots I'm targeting some for a spot in my exhibit.  I'm still looking for the right place to hold this and hope to settle on one in the next month or so.  Watch for invitations to the opening.  Proceeds from sale of pieces at exhibit will go, in part, to the rescues that participate in this project, and some pieces will be donated for their fundraising efforts. Keep an eye out for my Kickstarter project.  It should launch in the next two weeks and will help to pay for the supplies needed to build the large-scale canvas installations that will make up the exhibit.  And the rewards for contributing are going to be good!



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